Each episode uncovers the unique beer culture of a country, and explores the traditions and styles of different regions within.

Delving deep into the technical and historical aspects of the craft and including some surprising facts, Beer Belly with Nitch will sip its way around the world.


You'll discover beer from multinational corporations to microbreweries, like Heinekin’s H41 - brewed with wild yeast from remote Patagonia, to Eldfell Red Ale - made with chilli and seaweed on a volcanic island off Iceland’s south coast. Nitch will sample and savour, and bring you along for the ride.

There's a whole world
of beer out there.

Join expert beer swiller Nitch on a tour of some of the world's most unique and fabulous brews.


Beer is more than just the common lager. There are hundreds of styles and flavours, and Beer Belly with Nitch will explore them all! Ok, well, maybe not all, but a lot.


Explore Trappist beer brewed exclusively by monks, taste braggot – a mead-like style brewed with honey, and experience gose – an ancient style brewed with salt water.

Beer Belly with Nitch is a contempory, funny and irreverant exploration of today's beer culture. 

Beer Belly with Nitch is the beer show you've been waiting for.

About the team

HOST Nichole Richardson, aka Nitch, created Youtube Channel Tasting Nitch. It's received 60,000 views, and her Instagram account has thousands of followers. She’s a beer consultant to the hospitality industry, helping restaurants and bars develop bespoke beer menus.

Dave Gamlin
is the unassuming host of SwillinGrog, Australia’s most successful beer review channel on Youtube. Conducting weekly beer reviews since 2011, Dave has amassed over 300,000 video views across 380 reviews. 


Dr Stuart McBratney has directed 500 tv commercials, the tv series Back in the Soviet Bloc, & feature film Pop-Up, which has now screened at 17 international festivals in 12 countries. He holds a PhD in Design from the University of Newcastle, Australia.

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